― Date of registration prior to 2016

― Corporation in the USA aged over 2 years

― Registered in the state of California

San Francisco, CA

​Welcome to a corporate world!

When you acquire an established corporation or form a new corporation, this corporation may be eligible to receive tax-exempt status under IRS section 501(c)3 if it was created for charitable, religious, or educational purposes.  Several advantages that tax-exempt nonprofit receive include:
- Tax-free income
- Exemption from the minimum $800 annual tax issued by the California Franchise Tax Board
- The ability to obtain private and public grant money
- Tax deductions for donors who make contributions to the organization

24-HOUR.COM offers the newest IRS filing options, such as the streamlined 1023-EZ form, as well as customizable options that meet the unique needs of your organization.  Our fees start at $2,000 for the complete package, which includes ownership of a premium brandable domain name (valued at around $1,200), preparation of the California Franchise Tax Board exemption application and follow up correspondence with the IRS while the application is pending.

We look forward to assisting you with acquisition of the corporation.



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